Create an engaging customer experience

Why show a PDF when you can WOW your customers?

Reach new customers

No matter how beautiful your printed magazines are, you will not impress your customers if you show them a PDF version on your website. Online publications offer you the unique opportunity to WOW your readers with a lifelike experience with smooth-turning pages and interactive features unavailable in print, such as URL and page links, including links to your web shop. You can reach new customers while saving money on printing and distribution and reducing your carbon footprint.

Numerous applications

Publizr is ideal for:

  • Digital magazines
  • Online brochures
  • Periodic leaflets
  • Sales catalogs
  • Training manuals
  • Annual reports
  • Digital lookbooks
  • Online newsletters
  • And more...


Publizr offers marketers and retailers valuable advantages. By adding an engaging online version of your catalogue on your website, your catalog is always available for your customers, viewable on mobile devices and desktops. With the search function and the convenient thumbnail bar your customers can quickly find the product they are looking for and then share it via social media if they like to. You can target specific customer groups by sending email newsletters with a link to a specific page in your online catalog. New customers will also be reached because of every single word in your online catalog can be indexed by search engines, like Google. By adding links to your web shop, visitors of your interactive online catalog will be converted to customers.


Also for publishers, online magazines and journals already have proven to be an important business model. By adding advertisements as well as interactions like hyperlinks on advertisements you can generate additional revenue. You can give your readers the option to choose for your printed magazine or your online version with the online magazine offering (hyperlinks to) additional content. For an additional fee you also can give your readers access to an archive with your back issues. On your website you can add a clickable mini flipbook which opens a teaser publication containing a few pages of your latest magazine with the option to subscribe to your magazine. By sending email newsletters with a link to this teaser you can target new subscribers as well.